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    Is there more than one (1) item (SKU) per inbound pallet? YesNo
    If so, how many items (SKU's) are there per inbound pallet(average)?
    Is the product to be inventoried by code date as well as by item (SKU)? YesNo
    What unit of measure will be used to receive and ship the product? (Pallets, Cases, Eaches, etc.)
    How many inventory units (Cases, Pallets, Eaches, etc.) are there on each inbound load (average)?
    How many items (SKU's) are there on each inbound load (average)?
    What is the average outbound order size?
    How many items (SKU's) are there per order (average)?
    What percentage of the product shipped is in full pallets?
    How many orders are there per day (average)?
    Is there a requirement to record serial numbers or production code dates on shipped orders? YesNo
    Is EDI capability required? YesNo
    Are ASNs required? YesNo
    Is labeling required for outbound shipment? YesNo
    How high can pallets be stacked?
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    How many inventory turns per year?
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